Demolition Train

Band Bio

Demolition Train was formed in 2009 in Athens, Greece by Apostolis Korakas (guitars, lead vocals), Vasilis Korakas (guitars), Nikos Niavis (drums) and Michalis Papadimitriou (bass). The band started composing its own songs and made its first live appearance in 18th of June 2010. Their music style is Speed/Thrash Metal with Rock & Roll influences.


In 2011, Demolition Train released their first, self-financed, 4 track Demo-EP called “Kill Your Boss”. The EP made great impression and was sold out in a few months Vasilis Korakas and Michalis Papadimitriou had to leave the band temporarily for personal reasons.  Witchkiller (Steamroller Assault, Vomit Bitch, Chainsaw) and Nick Papakostas (Convixion,Strikelight) joined the band in order to cover the need of increasing live appearances. M.Papadimitriou and V.Korakas returned to Demolition Train and the band with its original line-up started recording the first full-length album entitled “Unleash the Hordes” in 2015 at Entasis Studios.


Demolition Train signed a contract with No Remorse Records & Spiritual Beast for a European and a Japanese release of “Unleash the Hordes”. The album cover was created by Dimitar Nikolov.

Two years after, in 2017, Demolition Train released their second album titled ‘Bound By Horror, Sealed with Blood’. The album was released by Eat Metal Records and it sound far more heavier and darker than ‘Unleash the Hordes’. The cover was created once again by Dimitar Nikolov and looked like an old horror movie poster.


Demolition Train shared the stage with many bands so far, such as Slough Feg, Enforcer, Portrait, Monument, Screamer, Sacral Rage,  Released Anger, Steamroller Assault, Exarsis, Chronosphere, Wrathblade, Nightbreed and many other bands. They have also participated on a Metallica (Leper Messiah), a Motorhead (I’m So Bad Baby I Don’t Care) and a Nightstalker (BoogieMan Plan) Tribute albums that came up with Metal Hammer Magazine.